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Duettos memory game extreme; possibly the most difficult memory game to play!

dUETTOS Memory game Extreme

Normally a memory game has identical card backs and only the card front is relevant for defining a pair. The Duettos memory extreme game is different! Here you have to remember both sides of the cards. Front and back must fit together!

The Duettos Memory Game Extreme is different!

Duettos memory extreme games don't have neutral backs but an image on each sides. A pair consists of two cards with identical sides.

Beispiel Duettos Memo Extreme

If all the cards are spread on the table, you will see a chaotic picture of different images caused by the fact that cards don't have a backside.

Duettos Memo Extreme Kartenpaar

In above picture you will see two identical pairs. Both card have two images that are identical and therefore form a pair.

How many images do I need for a Duettos memory extreme?

A Duettos memory extreme game alway exists of 36 pairs and 72 cards. For making an extreme memory game we need exactly 8 images.

Just as any other Duettos memory game, you can design the label of your game box individually.

The rules of the game

The rules of the game are the same as with any other memory game: the winner is the player with the most pairs.

Order a Duettos memory extreme game

Here you can order your Duettos extreme memory game:

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