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Spielvarianten - Anzahl Karten pro Paar, Anzahl Karten, Identische oder Unterschiedliche Motive

Game versions

The Duettos memory game can be ordered in 3 different basic versions: standard, advanced and extreme. The aim of the game is the same for all versions: the player must find as many pairs as possible.

Duettos Standard

This version is the most common and traditional version of the game. A pair of cards consists of two identical images.

Duettos Memo mit zwei identischen Karten pro Paar

With 72 playing cards you thus have 36 pairs. Because each pair shows the same images on each card, you will need 36 images. When ordering a game with 36 cards, you will need 18 different images.

Duettos Advanced

In this version a pair consists of different images.

Duettos Memo mit zwei unterschiedlichen Motiven pro Paar

These different images can belong together visually or thematically.

  • Image and part of an image: one card shows the entire image and the second card shows a part of it.
  • Two cards form one image: one card show the first half of an image and the second card shows the other half.
  • Thematical pairs: two images belong together thematically. Dad and mum, grandpa and grandma, sun and moon, Tom and his motorcycle etc.
  • Combination of text and image: one card shows a text and the other card the image belonging to the text

By the advanced version a pair or group doesn’t necessarily have to consist of 2 cards. You might choose groups consisting of 3 or even 4 cards.

Duettos Memo mit vier identischen Karten pro Paar

Duettos Memo mit vier unterschiedlichen Karten pro Paar

In order to know how many images you need to make your memory game, you need to know the version of the game, the size of the game and if your pairs consist of identical images or different images. Below you will see an overview where you can find out how many images you will need for your game.

Overview of the amount of images needed for your game


Duettos Extreme

The most difficult version of the memory game is our Duettos memory extreme. In this version a pair of cards is formed by using the front and the back of the cards. The combination of front and back must fit together.

This game consists fixed of 72 cards and 36 pairs. We need 8 images to make the Duettos memory extreme game.

You can find a detailed description of the game here...

Rules of the game

The standard rules are simple and the same for all our memory games: the player that found the most pairs wins.

If you wish, you can extend the standard rules. Perhaps some of your pairs are worth more than others or you might choose your images, that some of the pairs form a larger image if placed together. Pairs that fit next to each other get additional points. You might even come up with a new version yourself and create your own rules!

For more information about formatting your images correctly for the memory game please check out this page...